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We Design Bulletproof Websites That Get Noticed, Get Results & Look Great.

Professional website development involves more than just putting a site together and publishing it online.

It should accurately represent the look and feel of your business.  It should ensure your website functions in every way it needs to, to meet your customers’ needs – and the needs of your business too. And last but not least, great website development should also allow the right people to find your business – and persuade them to patron it, once they do.

So ask yourself… what do you want out of your business website…? …And then check out some of RH-Technologies great web development services below.

  • A website development solution that allows me to easily update my own content…(Content Management System)
  • A website development solution that allows me to successfully sell my products online…(e-Commerce)
  • A website development solution which has functionality tailored especially for my business…(Custom Development)
  • A website development solution that represents my brand powerfully online…(Graphic Design)
  • A website development service which effectively promotes my business…(Online Marketing)
  • A website development solution which has a little bit of this and… …a little bit of that! (Website Packages)
Not sure of what web development service you need? contact us to help you…x

Is your business looking for a creative design campaign that involves offline print media?

Although the digital age is storming onto the scene, a carefully planned print campaign (in conjunction with your online offering) can deliver outstanding results for your business. With a carefully devised integrated offline / online marketing strategy, the results of your print campaign can also now be accurately gauged.

With in-house expertise and an in depth knowledge of print design and collateral, RH-Technologies can prepare and design a print campaign that does justice to your digital offering. Alternatively, we can help pave the way for your direct marketing campaign to be successful. Our ability to understand your brand, and its goals for the future, lie within our decade of experienced staff.

Print media, along with corporate ID elements (business cards, letterhead, with comps slips etc) are all available. If the main focus for your print requirements revolves around your brand and corporate ID, please also consider our corporate branding packages.

Creative design services include:

Business cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, A4 brochures, DL brochures, Presentation folders, Stickers…

Are your getting your website updated regularly? If yes, are you spending a fortune on website maintenance? Does your website maintenance company take too long to take care of your needs? Our website maintenance packages are designed such that anyone in your organization can successfully handle the maintenance needs of your company web site. We have plans to suit every business type.

Subscription plans or pay as you go. We have a turnaround time of three working days for our website maintenance services subscribers.
We also offer 24 hours (one working day) turnaround to our website maintenance subscribers. Keep your page fresh for your returning visitors and for search engines.

Our website maintenance services include:

  • Website content updates
  • Product updates for e-commerce sites
  • Feature addition
  • Complete website redesign
Contact us regarding your web site maintenance needs.
Our website maintenance clients list is fairly long with satisfied clients that have been with us for years.x

Search Engine Optimization is a continuously growing and evolving aspect of Internet marketing. 

It is also one of the most important factors for commercial success of a new site. SEO is a process by which web developers try to achieve the best possible search engine rankings for their clients’ sites.

Firstly, this involves “optimizing” the coding and structure of the site to ensure it is search-engine friendly. This means that the site is built to be accessible by search engines, and is built to comply with exiting search engine guidelines.

Secondly, the content itself is optimized with the inclusion of topical keywords. These “keywords” are usually arrived at by matching the site’s goals, existing content, and commercially-viable search terms typed-in by internet users.

Thirdly, the site has to be promoted by virtue of including it into indexes of numerous existing search engines, online directories, and niche link-lists to name but a few.

RH Technologies as a web development and SEO company, can also offer optimization of popular social media sites, allowing you to take full advantage of this new and growing marketing tool.

“Search engine optimization offers many advantages to your website and your business.”x

Email marketing enables direct, personalized communication, in the form of professionally branded emails.

You can use email marketing to reinforce the brand presence of your business as well introduce any current initiatives your business is undertaking.  For example: a product launch, discount offers, upcoming promotional events or even new job opportunities.

  • Email Marketing – ‘pass it on’

Find out how you can use Email Marketing to brand and build your business… Contact us today

  • Bulk Email Marketing – online, on time …on budget
  • Direct Email Marketing – if you send it, they will come

Email marketing can also be integrated into a broader online marketing strategy.  This can be achieved by linking it directly to your website, specific pages on it, or on landing pages or mini-sites.  As an example, an email based specifically around a particular promotional offer, can link to a landing page where people can directly purchase a product – or register their interest. From this page (much like an SEM campaign) statistics can be derived to determine the response rate of the email marketing campaign.

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